Cabin $20 / per person per night
Volunteer Hall $25 / per person per night
Hotel $35 / per person per night (Double Occupancy)
Hotel $55 / per person per night (Single Occupancy)
Tent Camping $5 / per person per night
RV Park
$15 / slot per night
*Cabin/Volunteer Hall prices are per person,
and based on 50% occupancy. If under 50%
occupancy, Hotel rates apply. Additional charges apply if not doing meals with us.
Conference Fee Price
Retreat Attendees not staying overnight $5 / per person per day
Entrance Fee Price
Non-Retreat Guests $3 / per person per day
Breakfast $7 per meal
Lunch $8 per meal
Dinner $8 per meal
*Minimum of 30 to open Dining Hall
*Children 2 yrs. and under $2pday, Children 3-6 yrs. 1/2 price.
*All meals must be eaten in the Camp Dining
Hall or off-site. Outdoor cooking must be approved
by Camp Management, and must be eaten
outside of cabin
Snacks & Ice Price
Snacks $2.00-$5.00 / per person per day
Bag of Ice $2.00 per bag
Staffed Recreaton Price
Paintball (2 hrs, 6 games, 3 hoppers)
$20 / per person
Paintball (2 hrs, 6 games, 6 hoppers) $30 / per person
Ropes Course (High or Low sessions) $20 / per person
Waterfront: fishing, paddle boats, canoes (2 hrs) $5 / per person
*All staffed recreation require a minimum of
20 participants
Building Use Fees Price
Cabin/Dining Hall Conference Rooms (Capacity 100) $75 / day
Volunteer Hall
$150 / first day
additional days $75 / day
Auditorium Worship Hall (Capacity 900)
$380 / first day
additional days $190 / day
Miracle Hall (Capacity 400)
$250 / first day
additional days $125 / day
Extra Set Up Fee $20 / building
**Rentals are based on a 24-hr period.
Limited audio visual equipment available
Other Requests and Prices
Concession Stand (priced at stand)
Other Requests (at no extra cost)
Podium, Tables & Chairs, Campfire, Fireplace, TV/DVD,
Cabin Sound System (2 mics, speakers, CD player)