Gaga Ball Pits
Gaga Ball is the latest form of dodgeball that is sweeping the nation. This game is played in an octagon pit, and combines, running and jumping, and hitting the ball trying to get your opponents out by attempting to hit them below the knees (or waist which ever you want to play).
Click here to see an example of Gaga Ball in action!
Disc Golf Course
Disc Golf is a game in which individual players throw a flying disc, or “frisbee”, into a basket or at a target. The form of play is very similar to a normal round of golf. Each hole has a designated “tee” or starting point, and a “basket or target”, similar to a hole, in golf. Latham Springs offers a 12 hole, signature course! Our course has various basket locations. Some of the holes are straight, while others turn to the right or to the left. In addition, some of the holes are shorter or longer.

For groups attending a Latham retreat, or event, our course may be used free of charge. We also offer the course to players not attending a retreat or event here at Latham, for a minimal fee. All players are welcome to either bring their own discs (frisbees), or check out discs at the office, free of charge, along with scorecards and maps.

Ropes Challenge Course
Select from low ropes or high ropes course challenge activities. The low ropes course features six unique obstacle challenge elements requiring determination, strategy and teamwork. Our high course revolves around a 35 ft tower providing two rock climbing walls, two three hundred ft zip lines, dual incline log, multi vine cable walk, and high “V” partner exercise. Great for individual confidence building and team building all with spiritual applications.
Giant Swing
You and two other participants are harnessed up and taken to the top of the swing. From there you release the swing and are taken for the ride of a life time.
Come enjoy cool & clear Lake Latham, a 5 acre spring fed lake with boating marina, fishing pier (we rent poles & bait) and the new swimming area water park. Our “Swimmin Hole” has a shallow water swim area, sandy beach, 100’ wet willy water slide, shaded deck, deep water swimming with inflatable toys, picnic tables & more.
Swimming Pool
Our camp swimming pool is the perfect prescription to beat the summer heat with shaded area for “chillin out”
Field Games
Play softball at Swank Stadium complete with shaded stadium seats or take part in a basket ball tournament with three full size basketball courts or two of our small courts. Come and enjoy a game of beach volleyball, soccer, flag football, horseshoes or ping pong at any of our four tables.
Experience God & His creation by hiking over 8 miles of marked trails through woods, ravines, Brazos river bottom and lakes.
Paintball Course
For all those sharp shooting action junkies out there, Latham Springs offers two paintball fields to choose from. The speed course is designed for precise fast action while our rugged woods course brings a tactical challenge.
Bazooka Ball
This is very similar to paintball except you shoot 2″ diameter ‘nerf’ balls.  Lots of fun and a great option for both kids and adults.  We can run as many as 20 people in the course at one time.
Human Foosball
This is our life-sized version of table soccer.  Two teams of 11 try to score against each other while attached to poles.